Rio Verde Pest Animal

Rio Verde AZ Pest Animal Removal and Wildlife Control

We are Tempe Pest Animal, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Rio Verde, AZ. Wild animals in your home can be more of a problem than you may have thought. It’s not just a matter of the uncomfortable feeling of having birds, squirrels, or rats inside your house. These animals can do a great deal of damage. They may chew on wires, tear apart your furniture or insulation, and leave their waste behind. These animals are also the carriers of a number of diseases, any one of which can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. When you have these kinds of problems, you need a company that can deliver the best service in town, and ensure that all of your needs are met. Do you have a problem with rodents? Then we are there to assist you. Our technicians not only are experts at removing these animals, but we track them at their source. We find where they are getting into your home or where they have built nests and remove them all. We fix entryways they are using so they don’t get back in. This is true of birds, bats, snakes, or any other animal that has found a way to get inside your house. Besides wildlife removal, we provide professional grade repair services. We fix electrical wiring that may have been damaged by rats or squirrels chewing on the cords. We repair broken siding or other foundational issues that allow animals to get in. Whatever type of service you need to keep these animals out, we are ready to assist you. Call us today for a free estimate over the phone. Call us now at 623-250-3271 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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