Best Most Productive Guide of Getting Rid of Birds in Your Tempe Attic!

Keeping the Tempe birds out of your attic may not be as difficult as you think it is. Considering that you are dealing with small bird such as pigeons or shrews, the right solution can be as easy as trapping and releasing the bird and sealing the entry points in your house. It is necessary to get rid of the birds that dwell in your attic as soon as possible. They will not only create a mess, but they can also transmit diseases such as respiratory infection and encephalitis.

A Complete Guide on Getting Rid of the Birds in Attic

Before you start with the removal process, you need to know what type of Arizona birds you are dealing with. Different birds are protected under the law. Disturbing the birds, their eggs, their nest, and their roosting place is considered illegal. If you have these types of birds in your house, you will have to wait until they leave your house voluntarily.

Determine How the Bird Gets Inside

Dealing with a bird invasion is a problem that most homeowners will likely face. Due to urbanization, the natural habitat of the Arizona bird has decreased tremendously. As an alternative, they are using the structures that humans built. The bird will take advantage of the small gaps and cracks in your house. Any damaged part can be used by the bird as an access point. You will have to repair these damages if you want to keep your house free from infestation.

Using Your Chosen Control Method

Sealing the Arizona bird's entry point should only be done once the birds are out of range. If there are stubborn birds who do not want to leave your property, we advise the use of live traps or exclusions devices. These are designed to get rid of the birds without harming them. We do not recommend the use of poisons and toxic chemicals since they have detrimental effects on your health and the environment. When using live traps, you will have to monitor your traps regularly to ensure that the animal will not die from dehydration. Pay attention to the placement of the trap to increase your success.

With regards to the use of exclusion device, you will have to place this at the main hole after sealing all the access point in your house. The exclusion device will allow the birds to leave but will prevent re-entry. Be alert on the active signs of bird infestation before you remove the device and seal the final entry point.


After you are successful in dealing with the bird infestation, you must make sure that this will not happen soon. Simple home modification can help you create a bird-free home. Bird spikes will prevent the bird from roosting on the ideal place. You can also install bird net that will keep them away.

As aforementioned, your municipality may carry law that protects some species of birds. It would be wise to call the local Tempe wildlife agency to stay away from any legal repercussions.

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