Different Ways to End an Arizona Opossum's Life, Which is Best?

While opossums are not really the most destructive animal that will visit your Tempe house, they can make our place look unsanitary. They will usually rummage our trash bin and they can also spell trouble if we have a chicken coop. Some people will capture the possum using traps but once they realized that relocating the creature is not allowed, their only option is to execute them.

How to Kill the Opossum

Although there are so many lethal options to choose from, we highly encourage you to use only the humane Arizona method that will deliver a swift and relaxing death to the creature. According to the law, we are not allowed to cause the wildlife creature any needless suffering. Those who failed to follow the protocols will face fines and punishment.


Using poison is actually one of the cruelest methods to kill the opossum. There are not commercially available poisons that are designed to give the opossum with a fast death. In addition, since the poison is not particularly intended for the possums, they might not be able to kill them. Once it became effective, the opossum might experience several adverse side effects such as bleeding, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, organ failure, and others. They will experience this for at least 4 days. In some instances their suffering will last for more than a week. Furthermore, finding the dead body of the poisoned opossum will be challenging. You will have to exert considerable effort before you get rid of that unbearable decaying scent.


If you can target the Arizona creature on its head, this will give the opossum a quick death. However, even on the off chance that you have an excellent marksmanship, it would be difficult to hit the head of the moving target. Additionally, the use of firearm is illegal in areas that are highly populated. There is also a possibility that the ammunition may ricochet. 

Kill Traps

We do not recommend you to use lethal traps when there are liver traps available that offers minimal risks. Just like Arizona poison, you do not have a total control on what type of animal will step on your trap. Your pets and kids may acquire injury from accidentally activating the trigger of your trap. Setting-up the lethal trap can also be a challenge and you may unintentionally hurt yourself during the process.

Lethal method will not end your problem. In fact, you are only making a room for the other Tempe wildlife creatures. Perhaps the best alternative is to use the humane trap or exclusion devices. If you feel like using these humane method will prove to be too complex on your part, there are local wildlife expert that will be willing to assist you. Aside from that, they can also determine the reason why you are suffering from opossum infestation. Eliminating the root cause of the problem will provide you with a long term result. This can help you ensure that you won't be dealing with the same problem in the near future. 

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