Why Raccoons Prefer Urban Tempe Living Conditions Compared to the Wild!

Raccoons are not only smart creatures; they also have an amazing skill to adapt on a variety of Tempe environments. This allowed them to increase their population in the urban communities. They were successful in evolving from the native wildlife animal to a nuisance creature to the country side and today, they managed to become the most popular mammal in the urban areas.

What Helps the Raccoon Thrive in the Urban Areas

There are various factors that helped the population of the raccoon to grow in the Arizona city. The fact that their population has increased, also boosted the demand of the public for raccoon removal. The availability of the foods and the shelter in the city makes it an ideal living environment for the raccoon.

The Shelter's Availability

Raccoons in the wild are referred to as cavity nester. They desire to build their nest on the hollow of the Arizona trees. They also love to take over the abandoned burrows of the other animals. Unfortunately, tree hollows are not available in the city. As a perfect alternative, there are lots of structures that resemble the tree hollow in the urban setting. The availability of this shelter has allowed the raccoon to comfortably stay in the cities all over the country. They can be found in the garage, decks, sheds, attic, and chimney, which are all ideal places to build their den.

Tempe Food Sources

There is a considerable amount of food source in the city for the raccoon that helps accommodate their growing population. Raccoons are omnivores and they will basically eat almost anything that is edible to them. They will steal the vegetables on our garden, meat, and the leftovers. In the wild, the raccoon will eat small mammals, fruits, insects, bird eggs, nuts, etc. Accessibility of the foods in the city allowed the raccoons to survive in the urban setting.

Why Raccoon Removal Is Needed?

While it may be true that we are slowly adapting to the presence of the Arizona raccoon in the city, we can't deny the fact that the raccoon comes with risks. A raccoon living in the attic may weaken the structure of our house. They can tear our insulation materials and chew the electrical wires. In addition, they are carriers of serious illness. In order to stay away from their dangers, you will need to employ preventative measures to keep them at bay. Make sure that your compost pile and trash bins are properly covered. If you have a fruit-bearing tree, clear the fruits on the ground since the scent of the rotten fruit can draw their attention.

Unfortunately, once they made it inside our Tempe house, getting them out would be a trouble. A nursing mother will retaliate to our harassment especially when she feels that the safety of her young raccoons is being threatened. A professional raccoon removal is essential if you don't want to be in direct contact with the raccoon. They will keep you and your belongings safe from the dangers of the raccoons.

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