To Repel Arizona Squirrels Find Out if Ammonia or Mothballs are Effective!

Squirrels may appear charming but they have a problematic behavior. A community of Tempe squirrels living in our attic will cause a significant amount of property damages. They will also destroy and raid our vegetable gardens. While trapping and releasing them seems to be the most effective solutions, some people are still looking for a more convenient method to get rid of them. 

Using Mothballs or Ammonia against Squirrels

People are using repellents since they believe that it is not only effective but it is the safest way to eliminate the Arizona squirrels. Two of the most popular repellents against them would be ammonia and mothballs. Let us discuss if these repellents will help you eliminate the presence of infestation in your house.


In case you visited the closet of your Tempe grandma when you were young, you will be reminded on the awful scent of the mothballs. This product contains an active ingredient known as naphthalene which can work against the squirrel but only for a short-time. Eventually, you will notice that the squirrel is returning to your property. In case you plan to use the mothballs, place it in the area of your house where the infestation of squirrel is concentrated. On the off chance that it did drive the squirrels away, immediately seal the entry holes in order to prevent them from coming back.

Apart from the fact that they not deliver a long-term solution, mothballs can also be detrimental to your health and your pets. Those who have pets and kids should not use mothballs as a way to deter the activities of the squirrels. You also need to replace it regularly since the scent of the mothball will dissipate immediately.


Using ammonia to deter the Arizona squirrel will be a better alternative than the mothballs but it will also work for a short amount of time. Even if you soaked the rag in a bottle of ammonia, the squirrel will return once the solution has been diluted. It won't take long until the scent of the ammonia dissipates especially when you use it in an outdoor setting. You will eventually realize that you have invested your money in a wrong solution.


Conducting preventative measures is still the more effective solution. You will need to find ways to make your place look unattractive in the eye of the squirrels. Keep your house clean and regularly inspect the less-frequented areas of your house. If you can inspect them periodically, you can install deterrents such as hardware cloths, barriers, fences and wire mesh. Seal all the possible entry holes. This will help you stay away from the destructive behavior of this tiny creature.

In the event that you've done everything that you could but you can't still get rid of the Tempe squirrel infestation, it is about time for you to hire an animal removal service. They can provide you tips and recommendation to ensure that you will not experience the same situation in the near future.

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